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The Coach De Foundation also accepts donations through our PayPal account, if you would like to support our cause please click the donate button below and give your one time donation. We appreciate your service and dedication towards our goal.

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In 2019, The Coach De Foundation hosted 3 Coach De’s Closets in local neighborhood parks. These closets served 250+ local residents in need ages 3 weeks old to 77 years old. The Coach De Foundation also donated portable closets equip with uniforms for students at East Natchitoches Elementary and Middle School and LP Vaughn Elementary School. Students were also provided uniforms at the annual Back to School Bash hosted by the Concerns Citizens Association in August of 2019.

The first fundraiser the foundation completed was to buy a group of local youth shoes to prepare for school. The campaign was to promote anti-bullying through bridging the gap for children who cannot afford all the supplies needed for school. That campaign raised enough funding to supply 6 youth, 1st through 8th grade, adequate school shoes. The foundation plans to grow this campaign this year and serve more children.

The Coach De Foundation is respectfully requesting a sponsorship from you and/or your organization. This sponsorship will help us inform the community of the upcoming event and buy necessary materials for the event (portable closets, hangers, flyers, etc.). Your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to partnering with your organization.


Thank you,


De’Andrea “Coach De” Sanders

CEO of The Coach De Foundation


All donations are tax deductible, and we will provide you with your own tax receipt. 

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